FAQs and Dealer Support


What is the typical earning potential for a Dealer?

Earnings will vary depending on market conditions, your local territory, and the effort you put into marketing your business. While starting a new venture involves risk and uncertainty, StoneMakers provides the business and marketing support as you develop a strong customer base.

What are the qualities that you look for in a Dealer?

We’re looking to award dealer opportunities to business owners who appreciate the craftsmanship, creativity and beauty of a hardscape wall. We’re looking for business owners with strong sales and marketing aptitude, high values and have outstanding consumerism records with the BBB. You don’t need experience in the hardscape or concrete industry. If you’re enthusiastic, and possess the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and a drive for excellence, then we’ll teach you everything else!

Can Dealers secure development rights for more than one area or territory?

Yes. In addition to single territory operations, we offer Master Dealer Programs to qualified business people.

How can I become as StoneMakers Dealer?

We are selectively seeking highly-qualified businesses to become licensed Dealers. First, you must meet our requirements. Prior business experience, coupled with financial qualifications, individual motivation and a track record of success are important factors in our evaluation process. Secondly, all Dealers are corporately trained and licensed by StoneMakers International.

What type of financial resources will I need to become a Dealer?

Depending on market size, you will need to cover training fees, travel costs and dealer investment (includes website and start-up package) along with financial resources for marketing and operations for year one.

Aren’t hardscapes seasonal - what happens in the winter?

In northern climates, yes. The hardscape and retaining wall business can be seasonal. In southern climates, this is not the case. If you’re in the north, you have some wintertime options. You can pursue large commercial bids, market for interior work, develop referral relationships, line up service work, etc. All of this depends on your regions’s weather. Here in the New Hampshire area, our local operation stays open all year long. Also, in freezing climates, water feature winterization products and services are a necessity.

Whatever you decide is best for your location during the winter; our training program teaches you how to plan, budget, and be prepared for the winter months.

Does StoneMakers offer financing?

We do not offer direct or indirect financing. We do not guarantee your lease or other obligations. However, StoneMakers Corp. may direct potential Dealers to sources that may provide financing options in the areas of equipment leasing, construction and SBA loans.

What kind of training can I expect as a new dealer?

We provide you an initial training program that covers material aspects of the operation. Training is offered at our headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, or another location we designate. Managers and employees vital to your company are encouraged to attend. The subjects below are all covered in your initial training. We cover one hotel room per dealer. You must pay for all travel costs and additional rooms yourself. This initial training is in addition to the on-site opening assistance we provide to you. Your dealership must at all times be under the day-to-day supervision of a licensed manager who has satisfactorily completed our training program.

The training will include the following instructional materials: the operations manual, written materials, instructional DVDs and hands-on experiences. The training will occur at both our corporate headquarters and in your local operation. The dates and location of the training will be communicated to you in the operations manual.

How is Customer Service and the Customer Experience consistency maintained?

We follow strict policies and consumerism guidelines coupled with dealer advisory input on best practices to create and maintain consistent customer experiences with all StoneMakers independent Dealers. Training programs, corporate web site, informational materials, employee grading programs, and dealer field visits ensure consistent customer service in the StoneMakers Network.

Will I receive an exclusive territory?

You will not receive an exclusive territory. The area that you receive (called an “area of primary responsibility” or “area”) will be described and depicted in a map attached to the Dealer Agreement. We determine the boundaries of the area based on a variety of factors, including population, number of sellable households, market share, use of trademarks, branding and logos, proximity to competitors and proximity to other dealers and specific existing services of all dealers in a particular geographic area.

When can I review a dealer agreement?

Once you have completed our Confidential Dealer Application and have been approved by our Dealer Advisory Board, we will provide you with our Dealer Agreement for your review.

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