Confidential Dealer Application

1 – Contact Information

Zip / Postal Code
Home Telephone
E-mail Address
Web Address


2 – Business Status – Present Business/Employment

Company Name
Company Address
Zip / Postal Code
Job Title
Type of Business
Are you an owner or
partner in this business?
If yes, state %
Years in business
Are you Incorporated?
Do you have a Sales staff?
Marketing staff?
Operations staff?


3 – Business Status – Previous Experience

Company Name
Company Address
Zip / Postal Code
Job Title
Type of Business


4 – Business Background

What type of
background do you have?
(please be specific)
How many years of
experience do you have?
What percentage
of your work
residential % Commercial %
Are you familiar
with construction
and how to close
an estimate?
Detail how you
close your job
Have you completed
job estimates?
Do you have any
hardscape experience?
If yes, what type?
Do you have any
construction experience?
If yes, what type?
Do you have a Construction
Supervisors License?
If yes, License #
Are you a Registered
Contractor in your State?
If yes, Contractor Lic #
What industry is
your business in?
Additional Services
What areas do you
currently service?
What were your annual
gross sales last year?
What are your projected
annual sales this year?
Please feel free
to provide
additional information


5 – Sales and Marketing

How/where did you
hear about StoneMakers?
How many dedicated sales
staff will be utilized
to market and sell the
StoneMakers product/systems?
Have you ever sold a premium product? If yes, describe:
In what marketplace would you propose to operate your StoneMakers dealership?
(please be specific)
How do you currently market your company? Percentage of gross revenue?
(please be specific)
Do you have a web site? If yes, address:
What percentage of sales would you dedicate for marketing expenses?
Do you market your website? SEO?Pay per click?
Within a 50 mile radius of where you see your StoneMakers business
How many hardscape companies are there?
How many real estate agents are there?
What is the average cost of a single family home?
Do you use a computer in your business?
Do you use lead management software? If yes, which one?
Based on your preliminary analysis, what percentage of your projected sales will come from
New custom home construction
New tract home construction
Commercial construction
Renovations and additions


6 – Your StoneMakers Dealership Structure

In this new business venture, what position will you hold?
Will you have partners?
(please be specific and add their names)
If yes, how many, and will they participate in day to day activities, and in what capacity?
Will any family members participate in the business?
If yes, who and in what role?
What positions will you add to operate your StoneMakers business?
If StoneMakers is an addition to an existing business, how will it compliment your current operation?
Describe your current facilities & number of locations
Size of Facility in SQFT: Loading / Unloading Capabilities:
Who will handle the day to day operation of your StoneMakers business?
Have you begun to investigate your equipment requirements?
How will you finance the equipment purchase and dealer fees?