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Files & Resources

Welcome to the file and resource room, many videos, documents and other resources available only to StoneMakers Licensed Dealers.

New Dealer Information Sheet

pdf-icon2 New Dealer Information Sheet

StoneMakers Newsletters

pdf-icon2 Out On The Ledge Newsletter July 2014
pdf-icon2 Out On The Ledge Newsletter January 2014
pdf-icon2 Out On The Ledge Newsletter November 2013
pdf-icon2 Out On The Ledge Newsletter April 2013
pdf-icon2 Out On The Ledge Newsletter October 2012
pdf-icon2 Stonewalled Newsletter 2011

StoneMakers Licensed Dealer Logos

Logo for Web and Email (206×66)
Logo for Printing (3600×1368)

Instructional Videos

video-icon Making a Pond Part I

video-icon Making a Pond Part II

video-icon Making a Pond Part III

video-icon Making Counter Tops

video-icon  How to Install a Panels System

video-icon  Modular Fire Pit Assembly

video-icon  Vertical Mix Scratch Coat and Application

video-icon  Setting Frames

video-icon  Mixing Panel Mix

video-icon  Mason Panels

video-icon  Making A Panel

video-icon  Hanging Panels

video-icon  Carving A Wall

video-icon  Staining A Wall

video-icon  Staining Waterfall

video-icon  Patching and Seaming Panels

video-icon  Cliff Rock Kit 1 Instructions

video-icon  Wall Builder

video-icon   Waterfall Staining

video-icon   How To Make Mason Panels

video-icon  LedgeFalls Panel Training Part 1 – How to use the new Stone Rok

video-icon   LedgeFalls Panel Training Part 2 – Making the new GFRC Panels

video-icon   How to make a Fire Pit

video-icon   Building A Pond

video-icon   Building A Countertop

video-icon   Countertop Training

video-icon  Home Show Tips – How To

Stonemakers Update Videos

video-icon  Stonemakers Update 102

video-icon  Stonemakers Update 103

video-icon  StoneMakers Update 104

video-icon  StoneMakers Update 3-14-2013

Mix Design Specs

pdf-icon2 Concrete Mixpdf-icon2 Vertical Mixpdf-icon2 Fly Ash Test

pdf-icon2 Aggregate Testpdf-icon2 Composite Panel Mix

Training Manuals

pdf-icon2 Retaining Wall Installation

pdf-icon2 Production


pdf-icon2 Marketing

pdf-icon2 LedgeFalls Installation

pdf-icon2 Cliff Rock Installation

Estimating / Invoicing

pdf-icon2 Blank Estimatepdf-icon2 Blank Invoice
pdf-icon2 Excel Estimate Form pdf-icon2 Excel Worksheet Form pdf-icon2 Excel Invoice Form
pdf-icon2 How to do a worksheet in Microsoft Excel


pdf-icon2 Product Catalogpdf-icon2 Product Order Form
stonemakers-color-labels-small Color Chart – Not to be used for Flatwork
stonemakers-color-labels-small Hydra Tint Color Chart for Flatwork
stonemakers-color-labels-small Countertop Color Chart


pdf-icon2 Concrete Cylinder Break Test Resultspdf-icon2 Engineered Drawing

Ordering Concrete

For wall mixes, we typically use a 7-9 sack mix with a 2″ slump grout mix. If you think that isn’t strong enough, you’d better think again! When using our product, Wall Builder, you can even reduce the amount of cement needed to achieve the same strengths! Remember, the wetter the weaker. Therefore, when using Wall Builder, you are increasing the plasticity of the mix without adding more water (diluting cement). Dry (low slump) concrete is not only the key to stacking the mix 4 feet tall, but also helps achieve faster set times allowing you to move on to the next job sooner! As the wall starts to tighten, you will be able to stack the mix up to 7 feet tall if it is worked and stacked properly. The use of StoneMakers Wall Builder will also aid in more working time, even though it seems to be setting up, a little working will bring it back to life!

Ideally, the concrete truck will be able to discharge concrete right where the wall is being erected which makes things much easier. However, this is not always the case since a lot of jobs are in tight places, on hills, etc. When this happens a skid steer is the next best choice to help in placement. If neither option is available, a wheelbarrow, shovels, and plenty of help is a necessity to have on site.

Wall Building Guidelines

When the Concrete Truck arrives, first check and confirm the mix delivered matches the ordered mix design as this can greatly effect the outcome of the pour, strength, etc. Then add the StoneMakers Wall Builder in the truck. For every yard of concrete add one gallon of Wall Builder and a quater gallon of water. After adding the admixture, ask the driver to spin the drum for approximately 10 minutes. After the Wall Builder is mixed in, you will notice the slump meter built on the truck will increase .5″ – 1″ and you will have a much creamier mix.

When placing the concrete on the ground, start out only stacking about 1 foot at a time to make a bead. This helps keep the wall from sagging. After laying down the initial bead, go back and stack the wall taller until it is within approximately 6″ from the total desired height of the wall. The reason for this is to create less waste (profit) of concrete and after cutting the bottom section of the wall, you add the leftover to the top of the wall to finish it off to the correct height. Slowly scrape the wall after it begins to tighten as shown in the video until you reach the desired wall thickness. Let the concrete set for about 30-45 minutes depending on ambient temperature, sun, etc until it is firm enough to cut and sculpt without sagging. If you find the wall is setting up too quickly to properly sculpt, carefully scrape the wall until it is completely straight and square. Use the scraped off drying concrete and mix with StoneMakers Wall Finish Mix. To do this, place the concrete on the ground or in a wheelbarrow and remix with a shovel adding Wall Finish Mix as necessary and then plaster and place on the wall to square up and prepare for cutting/sculpting.

Employee Forms

pdf-icon2 Employee Manualpdf-icon2 Employment Application

Safety OSHA

pdf-icon2 OSHApdf-icon2 OSHA 300 Logpdf-icon2 DOT

Monthly Safety Meetings

pdf-icon2 Monthly Safety Meeting (7-Documents)

Safety Materials

pdf-icon2 Safety Materials Required

Joint Loss and Safety

pdf-icon2 Safety Manual

Material Safety Data Sheets

pdf-icon2 Color MSDS  pdf-icon2 Wall Builder MSDSpdf-icon2 Wall Finish MSDSpdf-icon2 Clear Sealer MSDS

pdf-icon2 Bonder MSDSpdf-icon2 Liquid Release MSDSpdf-icon2 Poly Admixture MSDS

pdf-icon2 Stone ROK Poly Blend MSDSpdf-icon2 Stone ROK Blend MSDS